USEEDS° — 2019

I wrote and designed communicational material for USEEDS°’s capabilities in the emerging fields of AR, VR, Voice, and AI. With a mix of emotional messages and helpful information, the materials were well received at all kinds of events and referenced in approaches by new customers.

Role: UX Writer, Designer


At USEEDS°, an innovation and UX agency in Berlin, I was part of a small team of people organizing events like meetups and conferences, as well as representing the company at such events. Project wise we were making strides into working with emerging technologies early on but were lacking communication…

Signavio — 2019

Analyzing the state of internal requirements and designing a system of reusable styles, components, and patterns. Set up the new Glucose design system for continuous development, speeding up development, and advancing UI consistency.

Role: Product Design Lead, Design System


Signavio is considered the leading provider of process management software for businesses large and small. When they approached me, they had a collection of individually successful and growing products, ranging from process modeling over task management to process mining. …

Fun Weekend Exercise — 2019

Developing a service that is relevant to a teen’s needs today, maintains a connection to banking, and has the potential to spread virally.

Urban Mobility Int. — 2019

Designing the future of carsharing for Volkswagen as a direct competitor to BMW/Mercedes. Innovative service design and matching prototypes had the project greenlit by the board and accelerated resource allocation.

Role: Design and Prototyping Lead


In 2019, the local carsharing market in Germany was dominated by two industry giants, BMW’s DriveNow and Mercedes-Benz’s Car2Go. Volkswagen, the worlds biggest automaker, hadn’t made a move yet. In an effort to kickstart the shift to more of a service company, VW’s sub-division Urban Mobility International approached us to design a carsharing service to rival the incumbents.

In order to succeed, we had…

ProjectTogether — 2019

Through iterative Design Sprints, we redefined the idea of a platform matching social entrepreneurs with supporting organizations. Coached the team and built a pitch deck that scored six- to seven-figure investments for implementation.

Role: Strategic Design Lead (incl. project co-planning and leading workshops)


ProjectTogether is a social impact incubator, enabling anyone to turn their idea into reality and become an entrepreneur for social good. Anyone can sign up and will be supported based on the stage of their idea. From early coaching for even fleshing out ideas to building an MVP or getting connected with workers or investors, there…

Deutsche Telekom — 2018

Creation and continuous optimization of voice assistant features and flows. Making the assistant more human through iterative user tests, progressing towards release.

Role: UX Researcher, Voice Designer


After Amazon’s Alexa started somewhat of a revolution in 2014, by 2018 voice interfaces were all the rage and companies eager to get involved. As I and a small team of researchers and designers at USEEDS° had already worked on a few VUIs and were known for our UX testing capabilities, Deutsche Telekom approached us for help with their digital support assistant.

Their goal was to build an AI assistant able to…

easyCredit by TeamBank — 2017

Full relaunch of public website and customer portal based on user research and customer feedback. Reached more than 100% growth in new business, significant decline in service calls and a stream of positive feedback from existing customers.

Role: Project and Design Lead


In the early 2000s, easyCredit made a name for itself within the DACH region by bringing consumer loans online and simplifying the application process. Fast forward to 2017 and things were looking a lot different. Sales and customer numbers were not growing anymore, customer support inquiries rising. The aging website was in dire need of a refresh.

Deutsche Bahn — 2018

Kicking off multi-year efforts for DB’s vision of full employee focus. Drawing insight from support staff and user research with diverse target groups, we presented a redesigned career experience and strategic changes to internal processes.

Role: Project and Design Lead


Deutsche Bahn is one of the biggest mobility companies in the world. With over 300k employees, they are also among the biggest employers worldwide. DB recognized that people are their biggest asset. That’s why they aim for their self-proclaimed vision of “Becoming World’s Most Employee-Centric Company”.

In order to kick off company-wide efforts throughout departments, DB approached us with…

I give talks, host and attend events, on technology, business, and design.

Speaking has become one of my great passions within my work. For one, it allows me to share my learnings with others and thus give back to the community. Also, it allows me to attend great events and learn from the stories other speakers are sharing, that help push the whole industry forward. Most importantly to me, however, is the amazing people I’m meeting and long term connections coming out of it. Looking forward to meeting many more!

If you’re interested in having me speak at your event or organize one together, please reach out to me at or…

Independent Strategic Designer (Source: BCG Digital Joint Internship Promotion)

Independent Strategic Designer

I’m a strategic designer with the power to find clarity within the ambiguous, building on a foundation in psychology, computer science, and design. With that, I help great brands build exceptional products and experiences based on true customer understanding. Because good design is good business.

Since 2009 I’ve been working with international and intercultural teams of influential companies like Volkswagen, T-Mobile, Deutsche Bahn, Consorsbank, Adidas, and many others. Having led strategy and design for multiple ventures, I’m comfortable creating products from zero just as much as iterating within established confines.

Testing assumptions and prototyping solutions quickly is always key to…

Pascal Heynol

Designer, writer, researcher, engineer — computational product person. Loves art, paints all too rarely. Tries to talk to computers, but they just never listen…

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